How to Get More Work Done While at Work

We all know that we should work smarter, not harder, although sometimes this is easier said than done. When you’re in the middle of a mile long to-do list and under pressure to constantly deliver more and more, it can be difficult to step back and figure out just how exactly to work smarter rather […]

Ways to Build Your Brand as a Small Business

So You’re a Small Business Trying to Build Your Brand? When you’re a small business, branding is everything. If people are unaware of your brand, they won’t shop at your place of business.  When it comes to branding, there’s no easy recipe for success. Branding is an imperfect science that boils down to constant change […]

How to Beat Industry Competition

Competitors are everywhere and when you’re a small business, competition can make or break you. Small businesses can have it tough in a saturated market.  Don’t let this hold you back because there’s always room for new entrants to still be successful. Business success takes a lot of work. It doesn’t depend on finding a completely […]

What Does It Cost To Advertise On Television?

National Television Advertising Continues To Rise I’m often asked how expensive it is to advertise on national television. Ad Age Magazine is out with their top 10 most expensive programs for 2016 -2017 and once again football leads the way. It will cost you $673,664 to advertise in Sunday Night Football on NBC, while CBS […]

Finally – Honest Political Advertising

Keep It Simple — Even In Political Advertising Much of the political advertising today — especially for the Presidential election has been about negative advertising and “name calling.” That’s why it was refreshing to see this billboard for a County Treasurer in Monroe County, Indiana. Ann Collins features two important facts that I would think […]

Newspaper Finds Ways To Sell More Papers

Knowing Your Target Audience Apparently Pays Off Newspapers and magazines have long used the practice of switching out cover photos in different markets to attract more attention and sell more copies.   I’m a railroad fan and noticed that one of my favorite magazines, Trains , would sometimes feature a photo of a northeastern railroad on […]

Coordinating Marketing with Big Events: Avoid Trademark Issues

There’s a lot of marketing power in riding on the coattails of popular events. Having a restaurant in the vicinity of the stadium or theater and promoting your business alongside with that of the big event can be helpful for both interests. Avoid the risks however. The Super Bowl Trademark Super Bowl Sunday offers terrific […]

Pokémon Go For Businesses

Now, Retail Businesses Can Drive Significant Traffic With Pokémon Go For Businesses If you have watched television, listened to radio, read a newspaper or been on social media the past week you know about Pokémon Go. It is one of the fastest growing smartphone apps ever. It has been downloaded a total of around 7.5 […]

July Promotional Marketing Calendar

I just updated the July Promotional Marketing Calendar to include more events. Almost any business can find something to tie-in a promotion to showcase your business or organization. You will find information on how to organize a Christmas in July Event    . It is also July 4th – Independence Day  a long standing retail sales […]

Book Review: “Tested Advertising Methods”

A Must Read Book For Anyone Who Writes Copy For Advertising There are few books that I consider “classics” for advertising. Tested Advertising Methods is one of them. I can’t remember when I picked up this book to read for the first time. It must have been in college — or while I was a […]