November 25 – Black Friday

Black Friday Promotions

Promotional Ideas for Black Friday

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving that marks the traditional first day of shopping for December holiday gifts. Businesses can capitalize on the opportunity offered by the day with special sales, increased store hours, and additional services like transportation, layaway, or customized, themed shopping bags.

Did you know Black Friday attracts more people than Disneyland?  Talk about a huge opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.  Foot traffic is increased during this popular time, and you’re going to have to come up with promotions to get people into YOUR store versus the competition.  More than 55% of people plan to do at least some shopping on Black Friday.

More and more businesses are opening up after dinner time on Thanksgiving in order to stay competitive.  This is one strategy, what’s yours?

Useful for: Retail stores.

Outcome: Build store traffic and awareness of the company during an already incredibly popular shopping time.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Advertise additional store open hours and build anticipation for the sale.
  • Select a few popular products and offer them for sale at very competitive prices.
  • Create customized holiday-themed shopping bags to pass out to all of your customers like the ones here: Bagwell Promotions – Christmas Shopping BagsHoliday Imprinted Bags – Bagwell Promotions
  • Create and pass out a gift guide.  If your store caters mostly to middle-aged men, have a “For Dad” checklist
  • Offer a free gift with purchase.

How important is Black Friday?  Check out some of this year’s predictions here: Black Friday Predictions

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