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  • What does Made In USA mean

    What Does “Made In USA” Mean?

    Today, Many People Want “Made In USA” Products. As the COVID-19 Crisis swept across our nation, more and more people have become concerned about where the products they use daily […]

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  • April promotions

    Promotional Ideas for April

    We just updated the Promotional Marketing Events Calendar with ideas for promotional ideas for April. Almost any business or non-profit organization should find at least one event promoted within a […]

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  • tested advertising methods

    Book Review: “Tested Advertising Methods”

    A Must-Read Book For Anyone Who Writes Copy For Advertising There are a few books that I consider “classics” for advertising. Tested Advertising Methods is one of them. I can’t […]

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  • March Promotions

    March Promotional Ideas

    Need Some Exciting Ideas For Your March Promotions? I updated the March   Promotional Marketing Calendar to include more March Promotional Ideas. Almost any business can find something to tie in […]

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  • Promotional Calendars

    Planning Ahead – Order Promotional Calendars Now

    Now Is The Time To Order Your Promotional Calendars June crept up on us. It was summer, and now it is Fall – three-fourths of the year is over. . […]

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  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing For E-Commerce

    Effective Digital Marketing and Process Management Tools to Grow Your E-Commerce Business Profitable e-commerce businesses integrate digital technology into business strategy, management, and practice. Cost-effective market access, cloud computing, AI, […]

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  • October Promotons

    October Promotional Ideas

    Need Some Exciting Ideas For Your October Promotions? I just updated the October  Promotional Marketing Calendar to include more events. Almost any business can find something to tie in a […]

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  • Eco-friendly Business

    Tips for Starting an Eco-Friendly Business

    Why You Should Have an Eco-Friendly Business Due to the ongoing and worsening global climate crisis, many companies are under pressure to operate more sustainably. Green business models focus on […]

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  • Keeping Customers Happy

    Tips on Keeping Customers Happy So You Can Keep Your Business Going Strong

    Customers Are Core To A Business’s Success Keeping Customers Happy makes them likely to return and remain loyal for years. However, in a sea flooded with competitors, how does one […]

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