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  • Bagwell Promotions' Corn Plastic Mug

    Promotional Products – Promotions that Work

    The best promotional products appeal to your customers’ emotional responses or values, are aligned with your product or service, or serve as active reminders of your business. Promotional products that resonate with your customers’ emotions and values could include: Objects that celebrate the event where they are provided; An example would be Awareness Bracelets that […]

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  • football game

    What Does It Cost To Advertise In The Super Bowl 2018?

    The Biggest Television Event of the Season Is Also The Costliest For Advertising The Super Bowl 2018 is February 4 and NBC is well on the way to set a record for the cost per commercial. How much does it cost to advertise in the Super Bowl? NBC has been asking over  $5 million for a […]

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  • winning in business

    How to Beat Industry Competition

    Competitors are everywhere and when you’re a small business, competition can make or break you. Small businesses can have it tough in a saturated market.  Don’t let this hold you back because there’s always room for new entrants to still be successful. Business success takes a lot of work. It doesn’t depend on finding a completely […]

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  • Internet Advertising

    Internet Advertising Now The Leader In Ad Spending

    The Internet in 2017 passed Television to become the biggest United States advertising medium,  according to Publicis Group’s Zenith Advertising Forecast. Television advertising had been the leader in ad spending since before the turn of the century.  The category breakdown is: 35.1% Internet 34.7% Television 8.9% Radio 8.4% Newspaper 7.8% Magazine 5.2% Out of Home […]

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  • Promotional Products for Advertisers

    Why Businesses Should Use Promotional Products to Advertise

    Promotional products are completely unique in their ability to attract new customers and increase brand awareness that will ultimately help to grow your business. You have to spend money to make money and this is especially the case with an advertiser paying to create branded promotional products. Keep reading and find out what promotional products […]

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  • Https vrs Http : What You Need To Know

    Why Your Website Should Run Https When websites are displayed in a browser there is a prefix in front of the actual domain name. For example: or . The https means the site is secure.  Http has no security. Http means  hypertext transfer protocol. It’s a protocol that allows communication between different systems. […]

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  • Work Burnout

    How to Beat Work Burnout

    Work Burnout Many employees these days feel overworked and work burnout on the job is a common experience for many people.  In the United States especially, you now have the ability to stay connected at any time.  You can now access emails at any time because smartphones allow you to access the internet and work […]

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  • Giving Back to the Community

    Giving Back To The Community

    Giving Back to the Community The holiday season is all about love, sharing and giving so what’s a better time to focus on your local community and giving back. This is important if you’re a local business wanting to say thank you to your patrons or just a regular citizen who cares and would like […]

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