5 Top Risks about Redesigning Your Logo

Your LogoWhen it comes to creating a positive brand image, a good branding strategy matters.

Whether you are looking to upscale your brand or create a new one, your brand strategy is just as important. However, many brands also struggle with growing their brands. It may be because their brand strategy is incomplete, or they haven’t invested in the right branding tools.

When it comes to successful branding, visual appeal is all that matters. Your brand needs to be identifiable with customers. The same goes for your brand’s color design and logo. Unless the customer cannot relate to your logo and brand’s color scheme, they won’t have true brand loyalty. Most successful brands have a distinct logo that is behind their successful branding.

However, it’s not as simple as it may seem. Sometimes, you may create the perfect logo with a unique color combination. However, it may not catch on with the customers. Why?

The answer lies in logo design. Nowadays, many new brands are having their logos created by a fixed template or free logo maker. The result is a second-grade logo that looks similar to hundreds of other logos. With such a branding strategy, you won’t be able to promote your brand successfully.

Fortunately, you can redesign your logo to improve your brand image. Many brands have successfully redesigned their logos, which led to an increase in customer loyalty. However, logo redesign is not without its risks. To take such a big step, you will have to weigh the risks with the potential benefits sand do it properly for ideal results.

Some of the risks associated with the logo redesign include:

  1. You can lose your brand identity

To go to the next level of branding, you may have to give up your current status. When you redesign your logo, you will lose some of the brand images associated with the old logo. Even if your new logo is similar to your old logo, the changes will undoubtedly impact your current brand image.

However, if you do it correctly, then it might actually be worth the sacrifice. Although you will have to deal with a change in brand image and customer perception, it will be for the better. Sometimes, your new brand image is more scalable and can be used to target more customers.

However, in some cases, it is simply not worth the risk. If you already have a successful brand image based on your logo design, then redesigning it will be meaningless. It could even backfire, leaving you in a worse position than before.

  1. Some customers may react negatively

Change is one of the only fixed things in life. However, some customers are not so willing to embrace change and may react negatively to any logo-redesign. This is often true for brands that have been around for some time and have loyal customers.

However, you will have to balance the risk and reward before making any rebranding decision. Is it worth keeping the few customers happy? Or should you look at the new customers that you could gain through an improved logo?

Sometimes customers may be skeptical at first, but will slowly embrace the new logo design. At other times, they will completely reject it. It all depends on how much change has been incurred. Smaller changes are often embraced and may have a positive impact. Bigger alterations to your logo will damage your brand image amongst current customers.

  1. It can cause confusion

Sometimes a logo redesign can confuse customers. They may think that a new brand has taken over or associate the change with a change in ownership. Many customers will also make up their arguments as to why the brand logo was changed.

Some might even equate it to a change in the quality of your products. This is one of the most common risks that many brands face when it comes to rebranding. However, this does not mean that you should not try and improve your brand image and logo.

The key is to maintain good PR. You should keep the customers informed about possible rebranding and use it to your advantage. You can equate your ‘new’ logo with a ‘new’ and improved product. Instead of letting the rebranding take a negative turn, you should use it in your favor.

  1. You will have to change everything related to branding

When you change your logo, you may have to change packaging, website design, and other mediums on which your logo is used. You will also have to change these mediums’ color scheme to align it with the new logo. This can be quite strenuous as the process will have to be implemented in all departments.

It will also mean more overall costs for the logo redesign process. However, in some cases, it is actually worth it because it creates a better brand image.

  1. Changing customer demand will make it outdated

When you create a new logo design, you will probably look at the trends and customer demands at that time. However, some new logo designs become outdated quickly, and they may need to be changed again. This often creates uncertainty, and all your logo redesigning efforts will go to waste.

Try and use a design that can stand the test of time. You can take inspiration from some of the oldest logos, such as Coca Cola. They have retained their same logo design with minor changes for over a hundred years.

Manage risk vs. reward

As with most business decisions, rebranding has some risks attached to it. However, it’s up to you to decide how to mitigate the risks and use them in your favor. You can promote the ‘new’ branding in a way that increases the value of your brand image. It would be best to decide whether the improved brand image is worth the risk of rebranding.

Guest Post By Atalia Jones

Social media specialist and freelance writer.