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My name is John Bagwell and I have been involved in some form of marketing, advertising or publication since QuillAndInkPaper1965.  For the past fourty plus years I have helped small to medium sized businesses successfully market a variety of products and services.  You’ll find a more detailed bio on the “About the Author” page.

While there are a number of marketing blogs out there, I envision this as a place where owners, managers or people with responsibility for marketing from small to medium sized businesses can find help on a variety of marketing topics.

My assumption is that you are involved in many areas of your business and marketing is just one of many “hats” you may wear on any given day.

I’ll cover a wide range of subjects in this marketing blog , tailoring the discussions to apply to someone with a basic understanding of marketing and to someone with more advanced skills with mid-level experience. If you are looking for a more detailed discussion of a particular topic, I’ll try to point you to additional resources.

You are welcome to comment on any post, and I welcome your direct comments.


Marketing Services –  I own a  full-service advertising, marketing and public relations company – Bagwell Marketing .  While I do take on new clients,  it is my desire to give you as much information as possible “with no strings attached.”

Don’t you just hate those websites where everything is a sales pitch? I’ll certainly tell you about things my company does, but there are certainly many other sources for these marketing services. And there are  many things you can do yourself — if you have the time.

Promotional Products – I also own an advertising promotional products company ,  and from time-to-time will link to promo items.  You can purchase these from a variety of companies, and if you have an advertising specialty distributor in your area that you are happy with their service, I hope you will continue to support them.

Software, Consultants, Books Etc. – From time-to-time I will recommend services to you that I think will make your job easier, or provide you with additional resources.  In most cases, I make no money from my recommendations.

Sometimes I believe in a  service so strongly that I have an affiliate relationship or other arrangement where I make a small percentage on each sale.  If that is the case, you will see a link just below the link for the product headlined  “Disclaimer.”   Click on that for more information.  I do not sign up for affiliate relationships unless I use the product or service or have first-hand knowledge from someone who is a satisfied customer.

In the case of books I recommend, there is a link to where you can purchase the book.  If you click through that link, I make a small percentage on that sale.  You can, of course, buy the book directly from or any other bookseller. If you have a Half-Priced Books Store you will often find a used copy at a great price (Tip: Be sure you get the latest edition and not a version that is out of date).   I recommend the books, not to make money, but because I have found them useful in my business and trust you will also.

If you see a banner ad on my site, it is probably an affiliate link and I will make a commission on any sale (or in some cases, click).



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