Advertise On Pandora Internet Radio

Listening to Pandora RadioNow, Even Small Businesses Can Target Potential Customers with Pandora Internet Radio.

I’m always looking for new or unique ways to get my clients message in front of more potential customers.

My two teenage boys have been users of Pandora Internet Radio for some time.  I had thought about trying a test, when one of my clients inquired about advertising on Pandora.

I was quite impressed with the results.

Pandora really does have a lot to offer small to medium sized businesses.

So Why Advertise on Pandora Internet Radio?

Perhaps the biggest reason is that there is very little “advertising clutter.”  I’m an old radio disc jockey and salesman from the 70’s when radio was fun — and worked for our customers.

Today, most radio stations run 5 to 10 minutes of advertising at a time.  If your commercial is the last spot in the “cluster,” then you might as well forget about any recall.

That’s what makes Pandora Radio so great.  There is one 30 second commercial at a time — and only about 4 an hour.  Your commercial will stand out, and the listener can not dismiss the commercial (unless they turn it off).

You Get a Tight Target Audience With Pandora.

You can select who hears your ad by age, music and zip code or county.  For example, if you are a retail store, you can target just the people that are listening within 5 or 10 miles of your store.  That now makes radio affordable for just about any business.

I’ve always struggled with clients who had one or two retail locations in a city like Dallas but were forced to buy radio advertising on a station that had listeners 75 miles away.  Now, that can be a thing of the past.

You Get the Power of the Internet With Pandora.

Because most people are listening to Pandora on their smart phones, your Pandora radio ad comes with an Internet Banner that can be viewed. If prospects want more information, they can just “tap” the screen and go straight to your offer on your website.  How cool is that?

With this service, you can quickly test your ad and know where your Internet traffic is coming from.

How Much Does It Cost To Advertise on Pandora?

It really is only “pennies per ad.”  My firm, Bagwell Marketing, has negotiated special pricing for small and medium size businesses.

Find out if Pandora Radio makes sense for your business.

What Kind of Business Could Benefit From Pandora Radio?

Well, my mind has been wandering on this question for some time.

Obviously, local retail business establishments that have limited budgets and only want to reach a tight geographical audience have the most to gain from advertising on Pandora.

My company specializes in Direct Response Advertising.  That is, getting traffic to a website, toll free number or retail store.  What better way to drive traffic!  If you sell anything on the Internet and don’t have a retail store front, this could work quite nicely for you.

Pandora Is Only One Form Of Advertising.

You may not want to put all of your advertising dollars into any one form of advertising.  And you may want to continue with some of your traditional radio advertising.  However, testing Pandora Radio would be well worth a test.

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