American Diabetes Month® – November

American Diabetes MonthPromotional Ideas For American Diabetes Month®

Every November comes American Diabetes Month®.  This month is an element in the American Diabetes Association’s efforts to put the nation’s focus on the disease and the millions of people who are affected by it.

The theme for 2016 is “This is Diabetes.” This year the American Diabetes Association is focusing on the real-life stories of those who are managing the disease day-to-day.  This effort is designed to try to raise awareness and to create a sense of importance and urgency about this growing public health crisis.  29 Million Americans have been diagnosed with this disease.

This year’s campaign invites people to submit their own stories.  This year’s campaign will capture a part of those who understand this disease best.  The hashtag: #ThisIsDiabetes has been planned to use for this year.

Useful For: Those who have friends or family affected by the disease and want to do something about it.

Outcome: Raise awareness about diabetes and how it’s a public health crisis.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Have a donation box at the front of your store for funding of diabetes research.
  • Sell diabetes friendly reduced sugar snacks that have a label on the back informing those of diabetes information and facts.
  • Encourage your employees and community to create a 5k race in order to raise further awareness of diabetes.

Be sure to use the hashtag created for this year #ThisIsDiabetes and share your story about the disease.