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April promotions

Promotional Ideas for April

We just updated the Promotional Calendar with ideas for promotional ideas for April. Almost any business or non-profit organization should find at least one event that can be promoted within a local community. Promotional Ideas For April Alcohol Awareness Month is a good time for schools, healthcare companies, insurance companies and other businesses to educate […]

Logo Design | What’s Your Message?

Ever wonder what goes into a good logo design? I came across an article recently – 40 Logo’s with Hidden Messages that I thought was interesting. Do you notice the arrow in the FedEx logo on the left?  It’s subtle, and most people don’t notice it at first. The arrow represents speed and accuracy of […]

Public Relations Blunders

Here’s another entry for “What Were They Thinking?” This past week Walmart came under fire for posting a category on their website for Halloween costumes called “Fat Girl Costumes.” Apparently it was up for about a week before anyone complained about it. On the surface, it seems hard to imagine how something like that could happen […]

SEO Scams

Protecting Your Business From SEO Scams How to Tell The Good Guys From The Bad Guys I have received a lot of calls and e-mails recently concerning companies that offer to help businesses with their Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Most make claims that seem “too good to be true.” I guess there will always be […]