August 19 – National Aviation Day

Wright Brothers FlightNational Aviation Day commemorates the breakthroughs by aviation pioneers at the turn of the 20th Century. The date coincides with the birthday of Orville Wright who flew the Wright Flyer when it first went aloft. President Franklin Roosevelt’s original proclamation establishing the date asked government officials to display the flag and stimulate ongoing interest in aviation.

Useful for: Educational, technology, and cultural organizations. Neighborhood businesses can also find the date useful for self-promotion.

Outcome: Activities related to the commemoration can engage supporters and stimulate foot traffic and increase the organization’s profile.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Guest presentations by aviation experts to civic organizations like Rotary or Lions Clubs, senior centers, or educational institutions can build interest in the topic and the group.
  • Lobby displays about aviation history can position a business or community organization as being dedicated to education and affiliated with enterprising values.
  • By sponsoring an air show or museum exhibition, technology providers can align themselves with the long history of transportation development.
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