Why Businesses Should Use Promotional Products to Advertise

Promotional Products for AdvertisersPromotional products are completely unique in their ability to attract new customers and increase brand awareness that will ultimately help to grow your business.

You have to spend money to make money and this is especially the case with an advertiser paying to create branded promotional products. Keep reading and find out what promotional products can do for your company.
Giving out promotional products is an effective way to essentially start a conversation with your consumers.  Giving them something that could be considered a gift breaks the ice and encourages that person to find out more about your brand if he or she doesn’t already know about your company, or can encourage repeat business as the branded promotional product works as a constant reminder of your brand.  When customers use promo items, they give other people a look at a company’s logo, and that just keeps generating interest. This creates a circle that could potentially never end, which means your dollars spend go even further resulting in a larger ROI because they can potentially never stop with impressions.

Promotional products can last for a long time.  Traditional advertising is typically just run for a set period of time then it’s over.  You’re missing a ton of potential customers this way.  By adding a few promotional products into your repertoire, you’re creating a lifecycle that is much longer than traditional advertising.  The promotional product is first received by the customer and then can be passed on to other potential customers once the original person decides he or she doesn’t want the product anymore.  Those who receive your products use them in front of others who may have never even heard of your company and then strikes an interest.  Say for example the product is a pen or a t-shirt, numerous people will see that pen or t-shirt just from the one person using it.

If you’re at a trade show, promotional products increase your traffic by 176%! This gives you the opportunity to strike up conversations with your customers or potential customers. It’s simple.  Promotional products grab attention.

People Remember Promotional ProductsPromotional products also help with brand recognition.  The more people see your brand, the more likely they are to remember it and then go to your store in order to purchase something.  With promotional products, people are likely to be exposed to your brand hundreds, even thousands of times at any time of day or night.  According to Schreber & Associates, 39% of all people who have received a promotional product within the last six months can remember the name of the company associated with it.  This is a high recall, especially compared with traditional advertising. Repetition is important with creating memories after all.

Are you getting enough brand exposure with traditional advertising? This is where promotional products come in.  Promotional items have the ability to reach an audience that is far beyond your targeted boundaries.  The most common examples of this is with t-shirts and pens, as stated before.  Promotional t-shirts are often worn to the gym or when out and about, which exposes your brand to a ton of people during each trip that may have never been exposed otherwise.  As with pens, they change hands at high rates.  People share pens all the time, even leave them behind at restaurants or doctors’ offices, which allows many others to see the brand on the ink pen who wouldn’t have seen it before or otherwise.

Promotional items also work to create a favorable image for your brand.  Brand reputation can sometimes take years, if not an entire lifetime to develop into a positive one.  71% of people in a study done by Louisiana State University could remember the brand name that gave them the item.  Promotional products can create a favorable impression of the company because giving something away for free, whether it’s branded or not, creates a gesture of goodwill and positivity.

Did you know Baylor University did a study that concluded that companies whose salespeople utilized promotional products did 22% more business than salespeople who didn’t.  That’s not a minuscule number.  22% can make or break a business that might be struggling for sales.  Promotional products have high exposure rates and create a positive affiliation with your company and can help to generate sales at an alarmingly high rate.  You’re more likely to recommend a company with a great attitude and reputation than a company that doesn’t have that.

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