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Https vrs Http : What You Need To Know

Why Your Website Should Run Https When websites are displayed in a browser there is a prefix in front of the actual domain name. For example: or . The https means the site is secure.  Http has no security. Http means  hypertext transfer protocol. It’s a protocol that allows communication between different systems. […]

SEO Scams

Protecting Your Business From SEO Scams How to Tell The Good Guys From The Bad Guys I have received a lot of calls and e-mails recently concerning companies that offer to help businesses with their Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Most make claims that seem “too good to be true.” I guess there will always be […]

Is A Free Website Really Free?

There’s an Internet company running radio ads for a “Free Website.”  They go on to say that after the first month,  if you like it, they will provide hosting and additional support, for a low monthly fee. So, is that a good deal? Well, nothing is actually free.  Over a period of time, the website […]