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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing For E-Commerce

Effective Digital Marketing and Process Management Tools to Grow Your E-Commerce Business Profitable e-commerce businesses integrate digital technology into business strategy, management, and practice. Cost-effective market access, cloud computing, AI, and business process management (BPM) drive efficient logistics, communications, and customer relationship management systems. Today’s digital technologies help automate processes, sharpen marketing plans, increase employee […]

Eco-friendly Business

Tips for Starting an Eco-Friendly Business

Why You Should Have an Eco-Friendly Business Due to the ongoing and worsening global climate crisis, many companies are under pressure to operate more sustainably. Green business models focus on environmental sustainability, and environmentally friendly organizations are considered socially favorable. Having knowledge of this topic as an entrepreneur can help you set your company apart […]

Keeping Customers Happy

Tips on Keeping Customers Happy So You Can Keep Your Business Going Strong

Customers Are Core To A Business’s Success Keeping Customers Happy makes them likely to return and remain loyal for years. However, in a sea flooded with competitors, how does one maintain an upper edge when attracting loyal customers for the long haul? It’s pretty simple, provided you know the tips and tricks of gaining a […]

Analytics for Small Businesses

Using Data to Your Advantage: Analytics for Small Businesses

The Challenges For Analytics for Small Businesses Many organizations are challenged with using analytics in their growth and operations strategies. Data is essential to improve and optimize processes and can increase customer acquisition and retention while contributing to your bottom line. Want to learn more about using data analytics for your business? Here, Marketing Resource […]

August Promotional Marketing

August Promotions

Need Some Exciting Ideas For Your August Promotions? I just updated the August  Promotional Marketing Calendar to include more events. Almost any business can find something to tie in a promotion to showcase your business or organization. August is traditionally the time for Back To School Events. While this year will be different following the […]

May Promotions

Promotional Ideas for May

I’ve just updated the Calendar of Promotional Events for May.  Almost any business or non-profit organization should find at least one event promoted within a local community. Promotional Ideas For May May is Arthritis Awareness Month, National Barbecue Month, National Good Car-Keeping Month, National Hamburger Month, and National Military Appreciation Month (  Idea:  Patriotic Promotions  […]

What does Made In USA mean

What Does “Made In USA” Mean?

Today, Many People Want “Made In USA” Products. As the COVID-19 Crisis swept across our nation, more and more people have become concerned about where the products they use daily are manufactured. They want items made in the USA. My business is advertising, marketing, and promotions. For the past few months, I have received a […]

February Promotons

February Promotional Ideas

Need Some Exciting Ideas For Your February Promotions? I just updated the February  Promotional Marketing Calendar to include more February  Promotional Ideas. Almost any business can find something to tie-in a promotion to showcase your business or organization. While this year will be different because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis, most businesses have ample marketing […]