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Avoid Trademark Issues

Coordinating Marketing with Big Events: Avoid Trademark Issues

There’s a lot of marketing power in riding on the coattails of popular events. Having a restaurant near the stadium or theater and promoting your business alongside that of the big event can help both interests. Avoid trademark issues and the risks, however. The Super Bowl Trademark Super Bowl Sunday offers terrific marketing opportunities but […]

Promotional Products Work

Promotional Products – Promotions that Work

Promotional Products Work Week October 5-9, 2020 Did you know Promotional Products Work?  Every day businesses large and small pass out advertising items that command attention and brings in business The best promotional products appeal to your customers’ emotional responses or values, are aligned with your product or service, or serve as active reminders of […]

2020 Strangest Commercial

2020 Strangest Commercial

Cow Farts Tops What Could Be 2020 Strangest Commercial The year 2020 has already gone down in history as probably one of the weirdest and strangest years, most of us have experienced.  So why not strange and interesting commercials. Advertising is my profession, and I have long studied my peers and many times wondered exactly […]

Time To Advertise

Why This May Be The Best Time To Advertise

Now Is The Best Time To Advertise When there is a recession or crisis, one of the first thing businesses usually do is cut advertising.  It is easy to do, and often saves jobs and can be a short-term fix. It’s no different during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis. For many businesses, it is the right […]

How To Advertise During COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis

How To Advertise During COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis

Navigating The Cornonavirus Crisis A number of my clients have asked How To Advertise During COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis.  I have written this blog post to focus only on marketing and advertising.  I’ll leave others to focus on general business and accounting issues. Take A Realistic Review of Your Advertising. While this sounds like a “no-brainer,” […]

Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising Now The Leader In Ad Spending

The Internet in 2017 passed Television to become the biggest United States advertising medium,  according to Publicis Group’s Zenith Advertising Forecast. Television advertising had been the leader in ad spending since before the turn of the century.  The category breakdown is: 35.1% Internet 34.7% Television 8.9% Radio 8.4% Newspaper 7.8% Magazine 5.2% Out of Home […]

Promotional Products for Advertisers

Why Businesses Should Use Promotional Products to Advertise

Promotional products are completely unique in their ability to attract new customers and increase brand awareness that will ultimately help to grow your business. You have to spend money to make money and this is especially the case with an advertiser paying to create branded promotional products. Keep reading and find out what promotional products […]

Giving Back to the Community

Giving Back To The Community

Giving Back to the Community The holiday season is all about love, sharing and giving so what’s a better time to focus on your local community and giving back. This is important if you’re a local business wanting to say thank you to your patrons or just a regular citizen who cares and would like […]