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Preparing for “The Holidays”

This is the season to order your promotional calendars to give away in November, December and January. To have them available in time, the bulk of the orders will need to be in by late August. Why Give Away Promotional Calendars? Even in 2013, personalized calendars remain one of the most popular promotional products purchased […]

Marketing Requires Planning

 “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” –Thomas Alva Edison Marketing and advertising inevitably require some lead time but too often businesses don’t plan ahead. For marketing dollars to be well spent some preparation is required before implementation. It is important to plan far enough ahead to establish objectives, determine processes for […]

The Truth About Prospecting

The truth is that finding new customers is a challenge for almost any smaller company. This is because most business owners are more concerned about their products and service than they are about selling. Marketing and selling are important keys to your business success, however. Finding your best prospects and letting them know how you […]