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How to Beat Industry Competition

Competitors are everywhere and when you’re a small business, competition can make or break you. Small businesses can have it tough in a saturated market.  Don’t let this hold you back because there’s always room for new entrants to still be successful. Business success takes a lot of work. It doesn’t depend on finding a completely […]

Advertise On Pandora Internet Radio

Now, Even Small Businesses Can Target Potential Customers with Pandora Internet Radio. I’m always looking for new or unique ways to get my clients message in front of more potential customers. My two teenage boys have been users of Pandora Internet Radio for some time.  I had thought about trying a test, when one of […]

Marketing Requires Planning

 “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” –Thomas Alva Edison Marketing and advertising inevitably require some lead time but too often businesses don’t plan ahead. For marketing dollars to be well spent some preparation is required before implementation. It is important to plan far enough ahead to establish objectives, determine processes for […]

Make The Most of Google + Local

As we explained in our blog post on Google Maps, Google Places is being replaced by Google+ Local.   Google’s goal is to continue to improve the relevance of search results for the user and they plan to continue refining the quality of that information Because map listings are so important to business search rankings, SEO […]

Reach out with Google+ Local

In the last couple of weeks, Google Places  was supplanted by Google+ Local and Google has been publicizing the changes and opportunities on their blog.  They plan to keep adding more profile dimensions to help users refine the quality of the information they receive and eventually Google Places will disappear. For the meantime, Google recommends […]