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What Does It Cost To Advertise On Television?

National Television Advertising Continues To Rise I’m often asked how expensive it is to advertise on national television. Ad Age Magazine is out with their top 10 most expensive programs for 2016 -2017 and once again football leads the way. It will cost you $673,664 to advertise in Sunday Night Football on NBC, while CBS […]

Newspaper Finds Ways To Sell More Papers

Knowing Your Target Audience Apparently Pays Off Newspapers and magazines have long used the practice of switching out cover photos in different markets to attract more attention and sell more copies.   I’m a railroad fan and noticed that one of my favorite magazines, Trains, would sometimes feature a photo of a northeastern railroad on the […]

Marketing Requires Planning

 “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” –Thomas Alva Edison Marketing and advertising inevitably require some lead time but too often businesses don’t plan ahead. For marketing dollars to be well spent some preparation is required before implementation. It is important to plan far enough ahead to establish objectives, determine processes for […]

Frequency and Reach

As you advertise your business you need to find a balance between Frequency (how often your ad is distributed) and Reach (the number of people in your audience). Taken together, these two factors go into the number of impressions your ad accumulates. You want your ad to be broadcast enough times for it to be […]