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Get Customers Attention With Thanksgiving Cards

Get Customers Attention With Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving Cards Can Break Through The Clutter of the Holidays It seems like every business sends Christmas cards during the holidays to their favorite customers.  Sometimes this practice seems to lose its effectiveness as so many cards are received. That’s why smart businesses that want to get customer’s attention send out Thanksgiving cards.  Some in […]

Promotional Products Work

Promotional Products – Promotions that Work

Promotional Products Work Week October 5-9, 2020 Did you know Promotional Products Work?  Every day businesses large and small pass out advertising items that command attention and brings in business The best promotional products appeal to your customers’ emotional responses or values, are aligned with your product or service, or serve as active reminders of […]

November Promotional Ideas

November Promotional Ideas

Need Some Exciting Ideas For Your November Promotions? I just updated the November   Promotional Marketing Calendar to include more events. Almost any business can find something to tie-in a promotion to showcase your business or organization. November is traditionally the time for Thanksgiving and Fall Festivalsm  along with other events. While this year will be […]

What will Halloween 2020 Look Like?

What Will Halloween 2020 Look Like?

For Most Businesses and Non-Profits, Halloween 2020 Looks Different. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 Crisis has disrupted most businesses. As we approach the end of the year, many of our traditions will be much different this year. Halloween is certain to be a challenge for many communities in 2020. My company generally sells […]

2020 Strangest Commercial

2020 Strangest Commercial

Cow Farts Tops What Could Be 2020 Strangest Commercial The year 2020 has already gone down in history as probably one of the weirdest and strangest years, most of us have experienced.  So why not strange and interesting commercials. Advertising is my profession, and I have long studied my peers and many times wondered exactly […]

3 ways retail has changed

3 Ways Retail Has Changed

The COVID-19 Crisis Continues To Reshaped How Americans Conduct Business. A recent retail event held by Advertising Age magazine with retail executives uncovered several insights on how retail will be forever changed as the result of the Coronavirus. We all knew the retail landscape was changing, but few were ready to take advantage of that […]

What does Made In USA mean

What Does “Made In USA” Mean?

Today, Many People Want “Made In USA” Products. As the COVID-19 Crisis swept across our nation, more and more people have become concerned about where the products they use daily are manufactured. They want items made in the USA. My business is advertising, marketing, and promotions. For the past few months, I receive a call […]

Time To Advertise

Why This May Be The Best Time To Advertise

Now Is The Best Time To Advertise When there is a recession or crisis, one of the first thing businesses usually do is cut advertising.  It is easy to do, and often saves jobs and can be a short-term fix. It’s no different during the COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis. For many businesses, it is the right […]

How To Advertise During COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis

How To Advertise During COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis

Navigating The Cornonavirus Crisis A number of my clients have asked How To Advertise During COVID-19 Coronavirus Crisis.  I have written this blog post to focus only on marketing and advertising.  I’ll leave others to focus on general business and accounting issues. Take A Realistic Review of Your Advertising. While this sounds like a “no-brainer,” […]

Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail

Consider Direct Mail For Your Marketing Companies who were persuaded to switch from traditional media to email marketing are coming back to direct mail. Originally, Email was touted as significantly less expensive, but marketers have found that it is difficult to minimize bounce rates and achieve click-throughs. Convincing prospects to provide good email addresses can […]

winning in business

How to Beat Industry Competition

Competitors are everywhere and when you’re a small business, competition can make or break you. Small businesses can have it tough in a saturated market.  Don’t let this hold you back because there’s always room for new entrants to still be successful. Business success takes a lot of work. It doesn’t depend on finding a completely […]