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Content is King – Content Marketing

Generating original content is extremely beneficial for building a marketing presence today. This is because new digital technologies extend the range of messaging options. High quality, relevant material establishes you as an expert and can give you qualified prospects for sales if you ask for information from the audience in return for access or additional […]

Effective Market Research

To market your business most effectively you need to know who your customers are and what they need. That requires research. How you market yourself depends on who you are and the product or service you provide. If you are selling a specialty item like luxury cars, furniture, or lavish entertainments, you want to communicate […]

Green Marketing : Marketing Your Values

Your marketing needs to conform with the brand identity you are trying to project. Every tactic you use to promote your products or services should be in agreement with the values you and your customers share. For instance, if you are a health-oriented company, you will not want to connect yourself with anything that is […]

Every Door Direct Mail

Companies who were persuaded to switch from traditional media to email marketing are coming back to direct mail. Email was touted as significantly less expensive but marketers have found that it is difficult to minimize bounce rates and achieve click-throughs. Convincing prospects to provide good email addresses can be an insurmountable problem and purchased lists […]

Bad Press That Builds Business

An unhappy customer can have far greater impact now than in the past. In fact, a complaint before the advent of Twitter and Facebook would usually only reach the disgruntled customer’s most immediate contacts. Now it can be seen by ten times as many people because it can be broadcast far beyond those circles. No […]

Is Customer Service Dead?

A recent article by Cheryl Hall in the Dallas Morning News on Customer Service caught my attention. It seems, Garrett  Boone, Chairman Emeritus of the Container Store, spent some time “mystery shopping” his stores.  In 30 stores he found only two standout salespeople. I’m not surprised.  Dan Kennedy, information guru, wrote in his No BS […]