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Bagwell Promotions' Corn Plastic Mug

Promotional Products – Promotions that Work

The best promotional products appeal to your customers’ emotional responses or values, are aligned with your product or service, or serve as active reminders of your business. Promotional products that resonate with your customers’ emotions and values could include: Objects that celebrate the event where they are provided; An example would be Awareness Bracelets that […]

Promotional Products for Advertisers

Why Businesses Should Use Promotional Products to Advertise

Promotional products are completely unique in their ability to attract new customers and increase brand awareness that will ultimately help to grow your business. You have to spend money to make money and this is especially the case with an advertiser paying to create branded promotional products. Keep reading and find out what promotional products […]

Giving Back to the Community

Giving Back To The Community

Giving Back to the Community The holiday season is all about love, sharing and giving so what’s a better time to focus on your local community and giving back. This is important if you’re a local business wanting to say thank you to your patrons or just a regular citizen who cares and would like […]

Build Your Brand as a Small Business

Ways to Build Your Brand as a Small Business

So You’re a Small Business Trying to Build Your Brand? When you’re a small business, branding is everything. If people are unaware of your brand, they won’t shop at your place of business.  When it comes to branding, there’s no easy recipe for success. Branding is an imperfect science that boils down to constant change […]

Pokemon Logo

Pokémon Go For Businesses

Now, Retail Businesses Can Drive Significant Traffic With Pokémon Go For Businesses If you have watched television, listened to radio, read a newspaper or been on social media the past week you know about Pokémon Go. It is one of the fastest growing smartphone apps ever. It has been downloaded a total of around 7.5 […]

July Promotional Marketing Calendar

July Promotional Marketing Calendar

I just updated the July Promotional Marketing Calendar to include more events. Almost any business can find something to tie-in a promotion to showcase your business or organization. You will find information on how to organize a Christmas in July Event    . It is also July 4th – Independence Day  a long standing retail sales […]

Slower Back-To-School Season Expected for Retail Stores

Retail Stores Can Expect Less Sales For 2013 Back-To-School Season The National Retail Federation is predicting that the 2013 retail back-to-school season could be off by as much as 13%.  That’s not so good news for retail stores that sell clothing and typical back to school supplies. Since there will be less dollars in the […]