College Playoff Game Hits New Advertising Spot Record

$1 Million Ad Rate for :30 Commercial

Advertisers in this past Monday’s College Playoff Game, paid a hefty price to be in front of viewers of the first real playoff game for college football.  According to Adweek Magazine ads ranged from $750,000 to $1 million for just a :30 ad.  And it paid off big for most advertisers.

The game on ESPN had the highest cable rating ever drawing over 33 million viewers .

Most small to medium sized businesses couldn’t afford that, but many smart local firms bought up the local breaks on cable TV networks weeks ago at pricey rates.  Rates varied by market size, but many advertisers reported paying over five times the standard local cable rate for ESPN.  That was probably worth it to reach that many people.

However, this is just a fraction of cost for Super Bowl Ads.

I’ll have an update on that on my next post.