Content is King – Content Marketing

Content is KingGenerating original content is extremely beneficial for building a marketing presence today. This is because new digital technologies extend the range of messaging options. High quality, relevant material establishes you as an expert and can give you qualified prospects for sales if you ask for information from the audience in return for access or additional benefits.

The worldwide communications web fosters an insatiable appetite for new information of all kinds. Twenty-four hour news cycles, social media, the Internet, and traditional marketing communications all crave new information on a continuing basis. Marketers can fill this never-ending need as they help to build their businesses.

This all comes out of the realization that decision-makers seek relevant information from a variety of sources and conversions depend upon persuasive arguments that support the contentions of the sender. It is all lumped under the term “Content Marketing.”

Content marketing involves providing engaging and pertinent information across different media sources to inform target prospects about significant issues that will impact their decisions. Unique content is necessary on websites, white papers, webcasts/webinars, blogs, Facebook, magazines, newspapers, emails, newsletters, direct mail, videos, presentations, tradeshows, events, programs, conferences, product placements, etc. Echoing the key messages while extending the understanding is the goal.

The keys to content marketing are to:

  1. Determine the key messages
  2. Establish the target audiences
  3. Learn the media channels used by the target audiences
  4. Create engaging and unique but consistent content for each message medium
  5. Publish the content on each of the channels
  6. Make sure that the content will be easily found by prospects
  7. Strive to reach prospective customers at least seven times during the campaign to increase the likelihood of conversions
  8. Adjust future content to reflect new information acquired during the campaign.

How attractive the message is matters, but it is secondary to how useful it is. Provocative headlines, an attractive appearance, and a clearly defined presentation are all important, but don’t forget to make them something that can be used. It will establish you as knowledgeable and generous and will increase the likelihood that your audience will trust you to help them meet their needs. This will translate into sales.

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