Is Customer Service Dead?

A recent article by Cheryl Hall in the Dallas Morning News on Customer Service caught my attention.

It seems, Garrett  Boone, Chairman Emeritus of the Container Store, spent some time “mystery shopping” his stores.  In 30 stores he found only two standout salespeople.

I’m not surprised.  Dan Kennedy, information guru, wrote in his No BS Newsletter about his experience just trying to purchase a pretzel at a shopping mall.  After two trys, he couldn’t even find a sales person that wasn’t busy chewing gum,taking on the phone or flirting with one of the other employees.

We have all had similar experiences.

I am amazed at the companies that will spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising to get people into their stores, but allocate virtually nothing for training of their employees.

Good customer service is hard to find and exceptional customer service is almost a thing of the past.

One way to see how good (or bad) the customer service is at your business is with a mystery shopper serviceFEEDBACK Plus, Inc  in Dallas,Texas offers that service.  I’ve known the owner, Vickie Henry, for years.  We were in the old Bank Marketing Association together.

A less expensive way is to team up with another business in your area.  You agree to check out another business in return for them visiting your store.

Finding out how well your staff is treating customers should be a priority in any marketing plan.