November – Daylight Savings Time Ends

daylight savings timePromotional Ideas For Daylight Savings Time Ends

Daylight Savings Time was first thought of in 1895, and the first implementation of it was in 1916.  Why does Daylight Savings Time exist?  Well, the answer is simple: the practice was created to extend the daylight hours to essentially artificially increase the amount of time we have each day with the sun each year.

Daylight Savings Time ends the first Sunday in November every year.

Useful for: Providing an important service to clients by reminding them to set their clocks back an hour on the first Sunday in November.

Outcome: The first Sunday in November is one hour longer than the other days of the year in order so that the sun will rise an hour earlier during the winter.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Hold a morning sidewalk sale to celebrate the extra hour of morning daylight.
  • Post signs and send out reminders to customers. They will appreciate having you look out for their interests.
  • Since the clock “falls back” in November, which creates an “extra” hour, give customers something to do with their “extra hour.”  Ask your customers what they’ll do with their extra hour, and give them a reason to buy from you. They could spend that hour shopping for your special “extra hour” discount sale, or they could spend it enjoying one of the products or services you sell.
  • Send a postcard reminder to all of your customers.  This reminds them of the upcoming time change, and you can include a coupon or discount code on the coupon for your customers to use.

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