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Every Door Direct Mail - EDDM

Consider Direct Mail For Your Marketing

Companies who were persuaded to switch from traditional media to email marketing are coming back to direct mail. Originally, Email was touted as significantly less expensive, but marketers have found that it is difficult to minimize bounce rates and achieve click-throughs. Convincing prospects to provide good email addresses can be an insurmountable problem, and purchased lists are even less reliable. (And they add to costs). Even if consumers receive the email, will they read it?

Some studies now show that delivered mail will have a higher readership and be more memorable, especially when it targets the best prospects for the product or service. Bulk mail, including catalogs, advertising circulars, and promotions, has relatively low cost-per-contact, but too often, these mailings are not strategically targeted. To be effective, mailings need to present a compelling message to the right people.

Every Door Direct Mail – EDDM Works

The US Postal Service has developed a new program called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)  that will help small and medium-sized businesses reach residents in their own neighborhoods. This is where the majority of their customers will be. With this program, there is no need for specific names and addresses, and detailed address labels are unnecessary. When you use EDDM, you can mail between 200 and 5000 pieces to all the homes on a carrier delivery route, but you can avoid sending them to households that are not your target customers. Best of all, you don’t have all of the hassles of bulk mail, and prices start at 14.5 cents per piece.

Of course, you will have to follow the directions of the US Postal Service. There are forms and sizes and addressing requirements that must be used. The most difficult part is creating an attractive mailer that will communicate your message. You may want to hire a graphic designer, copywriter, and printer to help, or you may want to contract the project to a marketing company that can handle it all for you for just a small incremental fee.

Every Door Direct Mail EDDM

Every Door Direct Mail Targets Your Prospects Where They Are

Offering important advantages over e-mail, television, and publication advertising, especially for neighborhood businesses, Direct Mail can:

marketing iconBe read by more than 79% of recipients
marketing iconResult in more than twice as many purchases from the retailer as email
marketing iconProvide very competitive cost per conversion rates to other advertising strategies
marketing iconBe passed along by hand to other prospective customers
marketing iconBe retained for the future
marketing iconBuild an emotional connection with readers because the pieces are tangible and memorable

Find more information on direct mail here.

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