November- Election Day

Election Day Promotions

Election Day Promotional Ideas

Election Day is the first Tuesday in November in the United States. Every four years, qualified Americans go to the polls and cast their votes. Businesses can use this time to profit from the excitement about the presidential election by holding promotions that are themed to go with it.

A lot of businesses try to stay out of politics, but if done carefully, savvy business owners can embrace this exciting time and use it to their advantage.

Useful for: Any company that wants to be seen as supporting American values all while capitalizing on a popular topic in order to create promotions that will create profit.

Outcome: Attracts attention to the business and some of the enthusiasm for the election is extended to the business.

Promotional Ideas: Avoid associating the business with a particular party or candidate, but encourage voting and participating in the election.

  • Let customers select between shopping bags that identify them as supporters of one candidate or the other. Keep a count of the number chosen for each and post it for other customers to see.
  • Give away buttons or badges that encourage people to vote (regardless of political party affiliation) and include your company logo.
  • If you own a restaurant, create or rename two dishes with one bearing the name of one candidate, and the other name with the other candidate.  Encourage diners to make their vote with their taste buds and choose the dish that represents their candidate of choice.
  • Offer a discount or special offer to anyone who comes in wearing their “I Voted” sticker.

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