August – National Family Fun Month

family fun monthPromotional Ideas for National Family Fun Month

Schools open again in August and September, and sports seasons and other fall activities begin this month. This is the time that families schedule their late summer activities. Here are some suggestions for family fun.

Useful for: Recreational suppliers, community organizations, and family entertainment venues, churches and religious institutions, family restaurants and other business or organization that caters to families.

Outcome: Reminding supporters and customers that the summer is almost over, and providing family activity suggestions builds community relationships.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Go to the Park: Whether it is just around the corner or a road trip away, picnics, outdoor play days, and campouts build memories. The organization that schedules a community day will make it easy for families to go to the park and foster family values.
  • Neighborhood Sports or Activity Day: Schedule a day for your employees or other friends to come together with their families and compete in friendly competitions. As the host, you will be seen as supporting the community positively.
  • Community Game Night: Collect board games and complete packs of cards to set up tables and schedule a game night. Include some jigsaw puzzles, make popcorn, and have party-time snacks. This is a great way to get traffic into your business.

Want to see what others have done for National Family Fun Month?

Able Cleaning Company posted a great article on their website about National Family Fun Month. They included over 30 ways to have fun with the family. Check this list out for more ideas.

Don’t forget to post tips on your Facebook or other social media accounts.  See how Able Cleaning promotes this on their Facebook page.

Giveaway a promo item or something with your company name on it — such as a flying disc, an ice cream scoop, or something with a summer theme.  You’ll find ideas at Bagwell Promotions.

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