October 9 – 15 : Fire Prevention Week

FirefightersFire fighters put out fires but they also teach rules for fire prevention. During Fire Prevention Week they visit community organizations and schools to explain ways to be less susceptible to fire.

Useful for: Insurance companies, fire sprinkler installers, home builders, medical services etc. can also run safety campaigns that speak to fire safety and prevention.

Outcome: Helps organizations to establish themselves as caring for their clients.

Promotional Ideas: 

  • The organization can run a safety campaigns that provides information about fire safety and prevention. Give away¬† laminated fire-safety charts and first-aid kits that are associated with you brand because they are imprinted with your logo.
  • Host a representative of the local fire station to make a presentation at your storefront and give a demonstration of the fire equipment. Give away fire alarms, safety checklists etc.
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