August 5 – Friendship Day

Friendship Day promotionsFriendship Day is to nurture friendships  and remind people that our relationships are the most important part of our lives.

Useful for: Organizations that want to be viewed as warm and caring.

Outcome: Spreads some joy by helping to nurture personal friendships. Patrons will then use the services of enterprises that foster a relationship with them.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Secret Friend: Promote giving a secret present to a friend. Have a display of gifts for men and women and a card that explains that the friendship is appreciated. Sure to renew the bonds of enduring relationships, organizations that support Friendship Day will be appreciated and will increase sales.
  • Be My Guest: Entertainment venues (theaters, restaurants etc.)  can promote Friendship Day as a time for friends to honor one another by inviting them to come with them to an event.
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