Get To Know Your Customer Day

Promotional Ideas for Get To Know Your Customer Day

Celebrated The Third Thursday Each Quarter

October 19, 2017, January 18, 2018, April 19, 2018, July 19, 2018,

Get to Know Your Customer DayGet to Know Your Customer Day is observed annually each quarter each year in January, April, July, and October. It’s a way for businesses of all sizes to get to know their customer by name, understand their shopping habits, and make them feel important.

When businesses and organizations take time to understand the needs and points of views of your customers, they get ideas on how to improve business, open up marketing opportunities, and create loyalty.

Ways to say Thank You on Get To Know Your Customer Day                             

Repeat and loyal customers are the success of your business. So, while you’re getting to know the who, what, and why about your customers, take advantage of the opportunity to show them a little love, too.

Easy ways to give back include:

The list could go on and on, but you get the gist. Turn a non-official day into something special for the people who patronize your business. Soon you’ll be seeing them come back over and over again.

Get To Know Your Customer Day

Remember when Main Street businesses were locally owned and operated? The owners knew you by name and knew your shopping habits. They typically knew what you wanted to buy, and if they didn’t have it they were willing to get it in for you. With the advent of the Internet and big-box stores, much of the personal attention has gone by the wayside. Today is a day to turn that around. Make it a point to get to know a little more about your customers and make each of them feel like they are your most important customer today.