Giving Back To The Community

Giving Back to the Community

The holiday season is all about love, sharing and giving so what’s a better time to focus on your local community and giving back. This is important if you’re a local business wanting to say thank you to your patrons or just a regular citizen who cares and would like to do something special for the people around your area. Read on for more about giving back to the community.

Why Give?

For local businesses especially, giving back to the community can help to build your brand while doing some good and helping others in need. It’s also great for employees as well as it build team camaraderie as your staff work to serve together and pursue goals that are not work-related. This actually has a positive effect for your staff because it gives them a feeling of being connected to their own community as well as encouraging them to better their sales skills by promoting a charity or a giveaway in-store that they may not be used to typically selling. This can improve job satisfaction, therefore reducing employee turnover. When a business owner or manager decides to give back in a special way, employees may see a different side of their employer, which can increase respect and result in a better understanding of why they’re there and what they’re doing every day.

With so many benefits like these, why wouldn’t a business want to promote and pursue a philanthropic effort?

What Can I Give and Where?

  • has created a list of over 40 ways you can give back without writing a check.
  • has a link on their website to find the location nearest you, if you’d like to donate food items or donate your time.
  • Habitat for Humanity has also created a link on their website where you can find your closest donation location.
  • For the animal lovers out there, has built a list of 10 tips for how you can help out your local animal shelter

Obviously there are a ton of great charities and organizations out there, so don’t let this list limit you. It just takes a quick search to find a way to help out whatever it is you’re interested in or are passionate about.

It’s Time to Make a Difference

The best part of all with philanthropic efforts, is you can find the charity or cause of your choice that means the most to you and promote that. It’s all in your hands. You don’t have to only give just during the holiday season, it’s something you can do all year. There are so many worthy causes and charities in this world that the opportunities are practically endless. Don’t wait to give, start today! One small step today can change someone’s life tomorrow. Are you inspired yet?


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