Green Marketing : Marketing Your Values

Bagwell Promotions' Corn Plastic Mug

This promotional product is made from durable corn plastic but is also biodegradable. The color helps to reinforce awareness that it is environmentally friendly.

Your marketing needs to conform with the brand identity you are trying to project. Every tactic you use to promote your products or services should be in agreement with the values you and your customers share. For instance, if you are a health-oriented company, you will not want to connect yourself with anything that is not wholesome and children’s services shouldn’t associate themselves with adult-focused activities.

Green Marketing

This is very important as you plan your marketing mix. At Bagwell Marketing  we were thinking about this when we decided to help our customers easily select eco-friendly promotional items by developing our Green Promotional Products Group .

If you are concerned about environmental issues like global warming and waste disposal, you will want to use promotional products that are consistent with your principles. By definition, green products have lower impact on human health than traditional equivalents or affect the environment less. They would be made of recycled, biodegradable, or renewable materials (or a combination of those). Read more about that on our press release about  celebrating World Environment Day with green promotional products.

We know that promotional products are an important part of many company’s marketing programs because they continue to build brand awareness long after they are originally provided to the consumer. It’s even better if the giveaway continues to be used and build the desired perception of the organization’s personality. Green promotional products support that desired brand identity.

As you make plans for your marketing and advertising consider whether the paper and manufactured products and processes you use are in keeping with your ethics. Once you know they are, this becomes part of your messaging to your customers because it can make a big difference in cementing their loyalty.

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