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Promotional Ideas for Halloween

Traditionally, Halloween started with All Hallows’ Eve, the night before All Saints’ Day. In the US it has been celebrated with children dressing up in costumes and going from door to door to ask for treats. Because pagan harvest festivals were celebrated during the same time and Halloween costumes tended toward the Gothic, some Christian Churches have substituted Trunk or Treat or Harvest Festivals for Trick or Treat.

Useful for: Almost all organizations seeking an opportunity to improve their visibility or store traffic.

Outcome: Provides a focus for mid-Fall celebrations.

Promotional Ideas: 

  • Sponsor a Halloween celebration with a costume contest and giveaways that include gift bags and prizes for game winners and the best costumes. Provide traditional fall drinks like cider along with pumpkin treats.  Retail stores and others may want to give away Halloween Bags with a company name, logo or message.
  • Churches and other non-profit groups can host a Trunk or Treat event or Fall Festival. Participants gather in the parking lot, and cars are parked with a passageway between them and the trunks open. At each trunk children receive a treat or play a game for a prize. Costumes are optional but can be part of the fun; just set the guidelines to be in keeping with the values of the group. (Trunk or Treat has become very popular with churches and other Christian groups that want to provide alternative events to Halloween.
  • Since children often are on the streets this is a good time for business to offer safety tips or reflective items that can help kids be seen by motorist.  Plastic Halloween Bags can include your business name, logo or message. These are inexpensive and can help build good will with parents.

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Halloween Promotional Ideas


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