Preparing for “The Holidays”

2013 Promotional CalendarsThis is the season to order your promotional calendars to give away in November, December and January. To have them available in time, the bulk of the orders will need to be in by late August.

Why Give Away Promotional Calendars?

Even in 2013, personalized calendars remain one of the most popular promotional products purchased by enterprises. Despite the proliferation of computer organizers, smart phones, and other virtual date scheduling systems, people like to have a calendar on the wall.

A tangible calendar is a consistent reminder of a client’s schedule whenever they walk by. A quick glance lets them stay on top of tbeir appointments and plan ahead. Without having to turn on a device, or remember to check one, they have a constant reminder of you throughout their day.

On top of that, an attractive calendar is decorative. It adds something to the office or home where it is displayed. The business’s contact information and branding is constantly associated with something your clients like. Studies show that calendars are appreciated, used, and that the products and services of the company that provided the calendar are purchased.

What Kind of Advertising Calendar to Choose?

Depending upon your goals, there are several different calendar formats available. Wall calendars, with a different picture for each month and room for taking notes on each date, continue to be our best seller. Magnet calendars for refrigerators are also very popular.

Desk calendars are also a good choice because they can be used to stay up with activities day-by-day and take notes throughout the week. Many people still prefer to use paper diaries and planners that they carry with them to keep their lives organized. Those continue to be good choices for promoters.

The Look of the Calendar

If you are selecting a calendar with pictures associated with each month there are many possible designs available. You only need to decide which image you think will be most likely to appeal to your customers.

For general distribution, patriotic themes, landscapes, cute baby animals, and nostalgia are popular. If you are giving calendars to customers with interests in common with yours, you may want to choose something that reflects that. For instance, if you are a country club or golf shop you may want to hand out calendars with photos of golf courses or famous golfers. If you are a car repair shop, how about antique cars? A dress shop might want to use illustrations of fashions through the ages.

Most people check their calendars between three and five times per day. Every 100 calendars you distribute could give you up to 500 impressions more than 300 times per year. That’s a lot of exposure for your business!

Calendars continue to be a good promotional choice as people begin to think about the upcoming year because they make a great thank-you gift and reinforce the relationship you have with your customers. Just remember to order them soon so they can be ready when you need them.

For more information about promotional calendars, please contact Bagwell Promotions.

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