How Early Should You Start Promoting Black Friday Sales?

Black Friday 2013 Promotion in July

Black Friday Sale

Every year it seems retailers move up their Christmas and holiday promotions.

This year may top all others.  I’m posting this blog on July 4th.  Normally, I wouldn’t post on a holiday, but when I saw this today I just had to make a comment.

I logged on to my Target account to pay my credit card bill today, and was greeted with the attached notification.  Target will have  a preview of their Black Friday sale items on July 11.

Is any consumer really thinking about Christmas gifts at this time?  Maybe so, but I can tell you that is the farthest thing from the minds of people in the Bagwell household.

I have no idea what the strategy is for Target.  One thing is for sure — I think they have the drop on other retailers!   Cracker Barrel doesn’t start promoting Christmas until October.

Most retailers considered Black Friday 2012 as a bust.  Read the Time article from last year.

As a reminder to all retailers, even though it is July, you should be thinking about your Christmas promotions,. See Christmas promotional ideas here.

And if you just can’t wait for Christmas, maybe you could do a Christmas in July promotion.

Black Friday 2013 Promotions