Https vrs Http : What You Need To Know

Why Your Website Should Run Https

https vrs httpWhen websites are displayed in a browser there is a prefix in front of the actual domain name. For example: or .

The https means the site is secure.  Http has no security.

Http means  hypertext transfer protocol. It’s a protocol that allows communication between different systems. Most commonly, it is used for transferring data from a web server to a browser to view web pages.The problem is that http  data is not encrypted, and it can be intercepted by third parties to gather data being passed between the two systems. Https  is secure. The “s” part standing for secure.

Https vrs Http

So, why change to https?

Until recently most businesses did not need a secure website.  The only reason to run secure was if you took credit card information on your site. That meant you were required by the credit card companies to be secure.

Recently my friend Bill Hartzer spoke at a DFW WordPress Meetup on the subject o SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  Bill is one of those rare guys in the SEO business that when he speaks you listen.

For sometime now, Bill has been suggesting that businesses and organizations move their site over to https — even if they don’t need the extra security.  The reason:  Google likes https and will treat the site better in search results.  And what Google likes, we (as business owners or marketers) should like.

That’s why I am in the process of converting all my sites that I own along with my clients as soon as possible.  You’ll notice that this site is now secure.

According to Bill he has seen significant traffic increases just by doing that one thing — converting a http site to https.

Convert From https to http Is Easy

If you have a WordPress site it is fairly simple.  You need to secure a “certificate” which marks your site as being secure.  Most web hosting companies can do that for you for a very small fee, or in many cases you can get a “certificate” free.  Contact your hosting company for details.

Https vrs Http

Changing make sense.