September 26 – Johnny Appleseed Day

September 26, 1774 is the birthday of John Chapman (aka Johnny Appleseed). As an adult Chapman travelled into the frontier selling trees and planting apples where ever he went. He became a legend and his birthday coincides with the season of the apple harvest.

Useful for: Organizations seeking associations with concern for the environment.

Outcome: The legend of Johnny Appleseed is celebrated in schools so there are strong associations across the generations. Organizations that associate themselves with it will be seen as environmentally concerned.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Give Aways: There are so many easy associations with Johnny Appleseed (apples, trees, nature) that it is easy to find fun, cute promotional products to distribute.
  • Feature Foods: Restaurants can feature an apple rich menu including desserts and apple ingredients in main courses.
  • Apple Tree Plantings: Schedule an event to plant trees in a public park or community site.
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