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LocalMailMax LogoDirect marketing has been on my mind a lot lately, so I have written several blog posts about it. For example, on June 12th I wrote about Every Door Direct Mail from the US Postal Service.

Even though EDDM provides great new opportunities for direct mail for smaller businesses, it’s still a lot of work because the mailers have to be created and dealing with the post office can be complicated. This can be pretty daunting for a business with limited resources.

All the new economical opportunities in direct marketing have inspired Bagwell Marketing to launch LocalMailMaxSM, a streamlined direct mail solution for small and medium-sized companies and nonprofits. LocalMailMaxSM  will give neighborhood businesses an easy and cost effective advertising option. The program was developed after we recognized that, along with other marketing channels, direct mail had grown up and it provides new opportunities for promoting your business.

Electronic communications, including social media, are getting the most attention right now, but traditional media like direct mail can still be very important in your marketing tool chest. This is because mailed promotions will be retained, passed along, and create an emotional bond with readers. In our changing communications landscape, research shows that almost 80 percent of all households scan or read direct mail. For many neighborhood businesses, direct mail is a powerful marketing channel.

LocalMailMaxSM is a comprehensive approach to economically delivering mail to addresses near your business. Using it, companies can choose between the US Postal Service’s mailing program called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM), Shared Mail (Marriage Mail),or customized bulk rate mail.

Bagwell Marketing will manage it all.

As part of LocalMailMaxSM, mailers will be designed, produced and delivered to your desired targets. Whether you want your mailer to be included with others or be delivered individually, your message can be in your customer’s hands at a fraction of the normal costs.

Learn more about LocalMailMax in this press release .

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