More About Every Door Direct Mail

Direct MailYou’ve probably seen the television commercials from the Post Office about Every Door Direct Mail.

Maybe you have wondered what that was all about.

The Postal Service is investing heavily in Every Door Direct Mail, also known as EDDM. In fact, there are those that think EDDM will help “save the post office” from all the red ink they have logged the past few years.

While EDDM will probably be a great revenue enhancer for the post office, it is also good for local businesses.

Now you can target customers by carrier route – the exact route that a postal carrier uses to deliver mail to consumers.  With most carrier routes having about 300 households, it is easy to select the very best prospects for your business.

And here is what may be the best part – you don’t need to buy a mailing list.  The mailer just carries an imprint of the carrier route number.

Since the flyer or postcard goes to every household on the carrier route (hence the name, “Every Door Direct Mail”) the post office has less work and the pieces move through the system quickly.  As a result, the postal service offers some of the lowest rates available – even better than the traditional “bulk mail rate” most of us have enjoyed.   The rate may be as low as 15 cents.  Of course, you have to add printing and a fee to prepare the mailing paperwork, but it is still less expensive than traditional direct mail.

You’ll need to print your mailing piece to conform to some specifications and, if you do it yourself, you will also need to fill out some paper work.

While the post office has made it fairly easy, a lot of businesses prefer to have someone assist with their mailing.

If you need some help working through the process,  LocalMailMax SM can print your piece,  help you select the right carrier routes and take care of the paperwork and deliver your mailing to the post office.  That frees you to concentrate on running your business.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a targeted way to reach your neighborhood, this program could work for you.

You may also want to review some case studies on how other businesses have used direct mail at this link.

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