May – National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

National Physical Fitness MonthPromotional Ideas For National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

Each May, the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness & Nutrition encourages Americans to #MoveinMay to celebrate National Physical Fitness & Sports Month.

  • Useful for: Businesses that sell recreational or fitness equipment, health food stores, athletic clothing retailers, athletic clubs, medical facilities, educational institutions.
  • Outcome: Associates your product or service with good health and wellness.

Promotional Ideas For National Physical Fitness & Sports Month

  • Bike Rodeo: In conjunction with local bike clubs or meet-ups, plan a bike rodeo in the parking lot or nearby public space. Be sure to begin planning early enough to promote the event, find organizers, procure the necessary permissions from government and owners, and plan for emergency care in case of accidents.
  • Walking Tour: Plan a public walk with a route that is in a public space or an interesting local area. Partner with walking clubs, schools, senior centers, medical organizations like the Komen Foundation.
  • Fitness Assessment: Set up a fitness assessment station in your store or well-trafficked public space and publicize that the visitors are welcome to come and learn their fitness scores. Arrange for a certified trainer, medical specialist, or sports expert to conduct the assessment. Be sure that safety precautions are followed and that activities are appropriate for the setting. Partner with other fitness product retailers or organizations to extend your reach.
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