National Blood Donor Month – January

Promotional Ideas for National Blood Donor Month

National Blood Donor Month Coloring BookJanuary is National Blood Donor Month.  It is the perfect time to honor blood donors or sponsor blood drives. It’s also a great time to encourage others to give blood in the spirit of the new year. It is essential to help others realize just how important donating blood is.

Sponsored by the American Red Cross,  National Blood Donor Month is when blood organizations like the American Red Cross pay tribute to the nearly 11 million people who give blood each year. It’s also a time to encourage others to make a New Year Year’s Resolution to give blood. It’s the gift of life!

By giving blood, you help to ensure hospitals and other medical facilities have blood for patients.

January is a challenging time for blood donation, given that cold and snowy weather and busy post-holiday schedules can make it challenging to secure donations. Given these points, this makes it even more important that awareness is spread about blood and that blood donation saves many lives.

Promotional Ideas:

  • By all means, almost any business or organization can get involved in this worthy cause.
  • For starters, you can hold a blood donation drive. This could help churches, radio stations, shopping malls, or almost any business or organization that can generate traffic. Many areas have mobile blood donation facilities.  Contact your local blood bank for details.
  • Of course, almost any business can encourage their employees to give blood.
  • Medical facilities and hospitals can use this month to communicate with their patients and financial donors to help raise awareness of blood donation, increasing the number of donations made.

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