August – National Eye Exam Month

Eye Care Month Promotions

Promotional Ideas For National Eye Exam Month

This August, during National Eye Exam Month individuals, are encouraged to learn about ways to keep their vision clear and healthy. Getting an eye exam can detect early signs of disease or damage to your eyes as you age. Ophthalmologists recommend that people ages 40 to 65 get periodic eye exams every 2-4 years and every 1-2 years after 65. Getting a simple checkup can greatly lower risks of more severe and future damage, and you can continue to enjoy a healthy vision. There is no reason to put off something this important. An eye exam usually takes about 20-30 minutes. See your doctor and make sure everything’s ok. It’s estimated that around 12.2 million Americans need vision correction.

Useful for: Organizations and businesses with a mission that supports health and well-being.

Outcome: Reminding clients and employees that it is time to check the health of their eyes demonstrates that you care about them. It also allows you to provide promotional products that will remind them of you and relate to eye care.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Give employees and clients custom imprinted eyeglass cases and glass cleaning cloths that will remind them of you.
  • Invite an Eye Care specialist to screen customers and employees for eyesight disorders. The eyesight practitioner could offer specials to encourage the people who come for the screening to buy products later.

Here Are Five More Reasons to Observe National Eye Exam Month.

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