National Family Caregivers Month – November

National Family Caregivers Month – November

This is the time to celebrate those who dedicate as much of their time as possible to take care of those around them.

National Family Caregivers Month occurs every November. Every single day, there are loving and selfless Americans who provide care and support to family members and friends in need.  Celebrating the parents, spouses, children, siblings, relative and neighbors who uphold their commitment to ensure the lives of their loved ones are the best they can possibly be is the goal of this month. During this month, besides spreading awareness about those who care for those in need, it is also a focus to make sure the caregivers have the support and love they need in order to maintain their own well-being and happiness. is sponsoring the event.

Useful For: Anyone who wants to say “thank you” to the family caregivers of the world for their selfless acts.

Outcome: To help those who spend their lives helping others.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Create gift baskets for those who work as caregivers and sell them at your business.
  • Create special cards to sell for customers to buy for their caregiver or for a caregiver.
  • Flower arrangements are always popular and can be sold quickly.

Can you think of someone who fits the caregiver role? How are you going to celebrate them this month?