October — Customer Service Week

customer service weekPromotional Ideas for Customer Service Week

Celebrated the first week of October

Customer Service Week is a great way for businesses to not only celebrate their employees who provide excellent customer service on a daily basis but as well as a time to provide your customers with a special time to ask what he or she thinks about your customer service and any improvements, compliments or criticism he or she may have.

Customer Service Week is a result of the Customer Service Group sponsoring the official Customer Service Week program.
Customer Service Week is an international celebration of the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis.
Different organizations celebrate in different ways, customize the event to whichever way suits your business best.

Useful For: Any business that is looking for feedback from their customers in order to correct any problems and allow the opportunity to even better serve them in the future.

Also useful for businesses who want to take the assigned Customer Service Week time to reward and thank their employees who provide daily customer service.

Outcome: By giving your customers a chance to provide feedback, you’re allowing a learning opportunity so you can further better your business.

If celebrating your employees as well, you’re showing that you’re more than just a business owner, you’re a person who is just like them at the end of the day. This can increase morale, which is proven to increase productivity in workers.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Celebrate your employees by giving them a custom engraved plaque or trophy or even a pin to add to their uniform.
  • Plan a special outing with all of your employees to go the local coffee shop or cafe during lunch time and purchase everyone’s meal and beverage.
  • Set up a comment box by your cash register and set comment cards to the side. Inform your customers that if they were to take the time to fill out a comment card, they will receive a discount to use on their next visit.
  • Take this time to focus on your customer service standards and refresh your employees on proper protocol.

October – Customer Service Week