August 5-21 – Summer Games Open in Rio

Olympic MarketingThe 2016 Summer Games will run from August 5 to August 21  in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and people around the world will be rooting for their national teams in their favorite sports. This is a great chance for you to increase enthusiasm for your enterprise along with rooting for their favorites.

Useful for: Almost any for-profit of not-for-profit organization interested in Olympic marketing.

Outcome: Brings the events that are happening halfway around the world into the local neighborhood.

Promotional Ideas:

  • Research athletes who will be likely favorites and the sports in which they are competing. ¬†Begin sending out updates to your contacts with your branding.

**Be careful in using the word “Olympics” and the Olympic trademark however in your marketing. The name of the venerable games that originated in ancient Greece is trademarked so be sure to use euphemisms (such as the summer games), unless you are , of course, an official sp0nsor.

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