People Keep Promotional Products

People Keep Promotional ProductsSurvey Shows Why People Keep Promotional Products

Promotional Products Association International is out with their 2021 Consumer Case Study, and it shows why people keep promotional products both at work and at home.

The leading reason they are kept is that they are helpful. Over 75 percent say the main reason they keep a free giveaway is that they can use it.

Kitchen items, automotive promotions, and office supplies are useful for the recipient.

By putting your logo, name, or message on a promo giveaway, you are sure of keeping your name in front of your customers or prospects.  Considering that some people keep an item for years, promotional products offer a cost-efficient promotion of your business or service.

Here the More of Full List of

75.4% – The item is useful
38.4% – Reminds me of an event or experience
34.8% – The product is fun to have
34.1% – I like the design
32.9% – I wanted or needed the product at the time I received it
27.4% – Supports a worthy cause
24.7% – Reminds me of my accomplishment(Tshirt displaying a race logo, an award
22.2% – I like the message
19.1% – I feel loyal to the company or brand that gave it to me.

PPAI’s Research Survey was designed to gather data on the Industry.  Contact a PPAI member promotional product distributor or Bagwell Promotions for more information.

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Why People Keep Promotional Products