Planning Ahead – Order Promotional Calendars Now

2013 CalendarJune crept up on us. It was January and now it’s June—half a year is over. In another blink we will be preparing for the holidays at the end of the year. Unbelievable!

In fact, if you give your customers promotional gifts for the holidays, now is the time to place your orders. Even without reminders, we have noticed that many of our regular promotional customers are ordering calendars to give out throughout the Fall. Your customers use the calendar for planning after the New Year.  When they see your calendar they will continue to be reminded of your business.

Promotional Calendars

As computer use increased, more and more people began to rely on their online calendars but they will always need hard copy calendars as well. That accounts for the high number of corporate calendars Bagwell Promotions sells to companies every year. To provide enough time for production and distribution, we recommend that you order your calendar now. At least 50% of holiday calendars are ordered before the end of July.

Why are calendars such great promotional products? They

  • Are frequently useful to customers.
  • Reinforce industry and emotional associations in the minds of your clients.
  • Support your branding with logos, images, colors.
  • Bring your company to the top of your customer’s minds.

There are many great calendars designs  from which to choose. Magnet calendars give your customers the dates for the entire upcoming year at a glance. Wall appointment calendars have room to record appointments for each day of the month and come in a variety of sizes and an entire range of popular themes. Select a design that will appeal to your customers’ emotions including religious values, inspiration, patriotic motifs, automobiles, animals, landmarks, or many others. If you do business with farmers or ranchers you may select the Farm Record Book and Monthly Planner. Your goal is to give calendars away that your customers will use and that will build loyal relationships with them.

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