Pokémon Go For Businesses

Pokemon Go For BusinessesNow, Retail Businesses Can Drive Significant Traffic With Pokémon Go For Businesses

If you have watched television, listened to radio, read a newspaper or been on social media the past week you know about Pokémon Go. It is one of the fastest growing smartphone apps ever. It has been downloaded a total of around 7.5 million times in the U.S. (as of July 14, 2016) according to Techcrunch . Building on the giant video game franchise that was created in the ’90s, Pokémon Go takes advantage of smartphone technology and GPS technology to put people inside a virtual game in their neighborhood. Participants try to catch the little Pokémon creatures and add to their collection.

As I watched stories about this phenomenon, I wondered how a business might use this in their marketing effort. I discovered the game maker was already coming up with an advertising feature that would not only make them money, but actually return an ROI to a business. What a concept.

Now Businesses Can Get In On The Action With Pokémon Go Advertising

As players travel about the neighborhood there are various Pokémon characters out and about. But a business or organization can purchase what is known as a “Lure Module” that places these characters into a business location — such as a store front. See the story below from NBC5 in Dallas/Fort Worth for how local businesses are using Pokémon Go.

Should Your Business Advertise on Pokémon Go?

This is not for every business, but if you have a retail business that can take lots of traffic in front and inside your business, this could give you a quick summer boost in retail traffic and ultimately sales.

Right now it is about 50/50 male/female and mostly ages 13 to 30, but there are a growing number of people over 30 playing the game.

This works great for casual dining and certain retail stores. Obviously, a BMW dealership would see little results. In fact, it could be detrimental to a business with too many people in a store at one time.

Some businesses are seeing traffic to their store within minutes of starting the advertising with Pokémon Go. You can find more information on how business are using this in this article in Inc Magazine.

Is This A Fad That Will Die Out Quickly?

It’s possible this will last only till the end of summer. But, if your business can increase significant traffic for just a few weeks, it could pay dividends later.

Rates Are Reasonable To Advertise On Pokémon Go

If you want traffic in the above demographic, it’s almost impossible not to get an ROI on this investment. Rates depend upon the package but for as little as $1 an hour you can have a Pokémon stop at your location.

To start the process, download the app. Next, while you are at your physical location, and on the app, follow the prompts to purchase the Pokémon stop. Step-by-step instructions are in the Inc Magazine article mentioned above.

Next Capitalize On the Craze of Pokémon Go?

  • Put signs in front of your business that you have a Pokémon stop
  • Offer special discounts to people that have the app or have collected a specific number of characters
  • Call your local tv station or newspaper and invited them to do a story on Pokémon Go in front of your business.

Free window sign in .pdf format for your business Pokemon Sign

UPDATE:  The folks over at Advice Local , just posted a helpful article that goes into some detail on this matter. Well, worth the read.

See the Article in Forbes Magazine for more information on Pokémon Go For Businesses?