Promotional Ideas for April

Promotional Ideas for April We just updated the Promotional Marketing Events Calendar with ideas for promotional ideas for April.

Almost any business or nonprofit organization should find at least one event promoted within a local community.

Promotional Ideas For April

Alcohol Awareness Month is a good time for schools, healthcare companies, insurance companies, and other businesses to educate their customers and prospects on safe alcohol consumption.

Get To Know Your Customer Day is a day for businesses to connect better with their customers.

And Earth Day is April 22. That is a great day to show you care.

For more promotional ideas for April and other months, check out our Promotional Calendar.

Almost every day of the year offers businesses and nonprofit organizations a unique opportunity to tie in advertising or promotion. Look for ideas that fit with your particular business.

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Spring Promotions

Spring Promotions

There are many holidays and special events in the Spring,  including Easter, Earth Day, and Graduation. It’s also a time for people to start getting outdoors after a long winter with picnics and cookouts. Find promotional items from stadium cups to umbrellas at Bagwell Promotions.

Find Thousands of Promotional Items that can be imprinted with your company or nonprofit’s name, logo, or message at Bagwell Promotions.

Promotional Ideas For April