Promotional Ideas for June

Promotional Ideas JuneI’ve just updated the Calendar of Promotional Events for June. Almost any business or non-profit organization should find at least one event promoted within a local community.

Promotional Ideas For June

June is Dairy Month, National Safety Month, Men’s Health Month, World Environmental Day, and Adopt A Cat Month

It is also Father’s Day and Fireworks Safety Months (June 1-July 31)

These are just a few of the Promotional Ideas for June that you can tie in promotion for your business or organization.

For more promotional ideas for June and other months, check out our Promotional Calendar.

Almost every day of the year offers businesses and non-profit organizations a unique opportunity to tie in advertising or promotion. Look for ideas that fit with your particular business.

flying disc

Summer Promotional Products

In summer, people spend outdoors, which opens a whole range of ideas for promoting your business or organization. From Beach Balls, Flying Disc, Tumblers, and other Drinkware to summer apparel, you can find it on our Summer Promotional Products page at Bagwell Promotions.