Baby Safety Month – September

Promotional Ideas for National Baby Safety Month – September

Baby Safety Month

It’s true that babies spend most of their time sleeping, but whether they are awake or not, parents and caregivers have to constantly safeguard them from accidents and injuries.

National Baby Safety Month is sponsored each year in September by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and dedicated to creating top of mind awareness about keeping babies safe in all sorts of situations such as in the car, in the pool, around the house, and at daycare centers. Here are a few tips and strategies for everyone to follow.

Outcome: Preventing early-childhood emergencies.


Promotional Ideas For National Baby Safety Month

  • Product Round-Up
    Retailers can ask customers to turn in old, used, or hand-me-down products. Local police and fire departments are often willing to collect the products, which can be used in training exercises.
  • Safety Seminars
    Baby safety is a top priority for parents and child caregivers, and in-store seminars are an excellent way to reach them. Publicize a seminar in the local community paper, in-store advertising, and within the store. Invite parents, grandparents, nannies, and daycare providers. It’s a good way to attract customers to a store and build a relationship based on more than their need for a juvenile product. Home improvement centers everywhere could offer demonstrations each weekend on hidden hazards in the home. Car dealerships would hit the jackpot if they demonstrated how to properly secure your child’s car seat in each of their models.
  • Meet & Greet Expectant Parents
    Expectant mothers and fathers crave information about buying the best products for a new baby. Offer baby registry specials and free gifts for expectant mothers. This allows a retail store to reinforce its position as the source for baby safety information.
  • Grandparents
    Grandparents are often unaware of the most recent safety information but are serious about purchasing the best for their grandchildren. Encourage grandparents to buy newer, safer juvenile-products by offering a discount if they bring a photo of their grandchild.
  • Contests
    Contests are very popular, either in-store or online. Customers can fill out entry forms for a random drawing during Baby Safety Month. Consider a Best Baby Photo Contest and develop a display. Offer store certificates and safety products as prizes. Publicize a Baby Safety Month Contest in-store advertising.
  • Social Media
    Other options to draw attention to Baby Safety Month are social media posts, blogs, email blasts to subscribers, as well as simple shares and retweets to promote important safety messages to parents and caregivers.
  • Add A Giveaway
    If you are planning a National Baby Safety Month event in your area, moms might adore the celebration tote bag. Each can be imprinted with your name, logo, or message.  See more bags at Bagwell Promotions.

Baby Safety Month

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